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International Recruiting & Interviewing
Boston HQ ~ New York / Atlanta / Chicago / Dallas / Seattle /  Los Angeles / Miami / Kansas City / Philadelphia / Dublin / London / Amsterdam  / Pacific Rim

Call 617-628-9127 for client project bids.

Questions about current projects addressed via email only


Trained Interviewers in major cities.

FOCUS GROUPS ~ Recruiting to focus group facilities and other locations worldwide. To be part of our creative projects hit the"SIGN UP HERE" button at left.

PHYSICIANS ~ Click on "PHYSICIANS PAGE" button at left

ONE-OFF RECRUITING ~ Recruiting specialty respondents not associated with any database.

HISPANIC / LATINO RESEARCH ~  EXPRESS Research has built associations with this growing segment of America's population. Today, 25% of the USA's kindergarten school kids are of Hispanic origin.

GREEN RESEARCH ~ Creative respondents with environmental concerns and solutions.

~ Respondents come to your office or place of choice.

IN-DEPTH INTERVIEWING ~ Executive, Physician, Financial,etc.

ETHNOGRAPHY ~ EXPRESS Research can access homes and businesses anywhere.

OBSERVATIONAL ~ Video cams placed in subjects environment.

DIARIES ~ Respondents keep written and visual diaries.

ONLINE SURVEYS ~ Results available real time 


Our work is not over until the project is finished.At the last minute, if a respondent calls to inform us that he/she is unable to attend a focus group or 1-on-1 interview, we will drop everything to find a replacement - even when we need to call from a client supplied list, minutes before the sheduled appointment , we will still replace that person at no extra charge.

This is what we love to do!