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EXPRESS Research has fully-trained and personable interviewers in most parts of the US.

These interviewers have been trained by, and in many instances,were employed full-time by EXPRESS Research in Boston in the past.

We continue to employ the best when they move to other cities.

Many of our people are solely engaged in recruiting and interviewing medical personnel.


After many years of conducting research in this field we have established a unique and professional relationship with physicians of all specialties, hospital/office staff, healthcare workers and anyone associated with the business of providing healthcare.


Our moderator, who is perhaps one of the most notable medical researchers in the business, travels from city to city conducting focus groups and interviews only with medical personnel.


Our EXPRESS Consumer Medical database, which we have cultivated throughout the US, contains people who have opted to be contacted, solely by EXPRESS Research, in order that they can help our research efforts.


EXPRESS Research has contacted and spoken with many people who have medical conditions, which not even their family and friends, are aware of.

These members have developed a trust with EXPRESS Research and know that only ONE person Seamus Palmer, EXPRESS Research Director, has access to this information.


For all medical conditions, only a respondent ID number refers to respondents agreeing to participate.

Where a meeting is involved, permission is sought to refer to people by their first name.

These measures are designed to help those with sensitive medical conditions maintain anonymity.


EXPRESS Research maintains a large base of people living with Cancer and their caregivers.We have direct contact with people suffering from rare medical conditions and those living with other sensitive illnesses.

Chronic pain sufferers and people with life threatening conditions make up a large part of our contacts.

Relationships have been established with many organizations that help people with severe illnesses. We have been invited to attend functions to educate people on how market research can help develop tools to aid future generations in coping with their particular illness.


Many of our research efforts are designed to help pharmaceutical companies develop and advertise health aids to a targeted audience.

Other research projects enable researchers to live, if only for a few hours, with people who experience disabilities in order that the researchers can develop aids to help those with difficulties.


When we recruit people we do so with RESPECT.